About Us

Mission Statement

To interpret and preserve the history and culture of the Carolina Backcountry, 1750 to present, using the artifacts, historic structures, farms, and documents of Davie County and surrounding region.


To interpret the lives of individuals living in the Carolina Backcountry encompassing Davie County.

To educate the public through exhibits, living history demonstrations, special events, outreach publications, and lectures.

To preserve artifacts and historic structures of Davie County and region that relate to the history of the North Carolina Backcountry.

To create and maintain a research facility housing original documents, cultural, and religious items chronicling the Carolina Backcountry and Davie County, and available to scholars studying this area and time period.

To conduct research into the culture of the Carolina Backcountry in order to continually refine programs and exhibits, and offer scholarly contributions to the history field.

To serve as a resource to the people of Davie County and surrounding region through education programs, special events, research, community events, and as a repository for artifacts.

Notable influences in Forks of the Yadkin

The Boone Family to include the graves of Daniel Boone’s Parents and ( Joppa Cemetery): Squire & Sarah and Israel (Daniel’s Brother). The location launched America’s westward push via Daniel Boone’s “Long Hunters” and discovery of the Cumberland Gap.

Daniel Morgan (Daniel Boone’s uncle) – Long hunter and commander of Southern Militia during the American Revolution. Defeated the British Army under Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton (Bloody Ban) at the Battle of Cowpens which joined with the Battle of King’s Mountain to become the major turning point of the American Revolution.

Rev John Gano – Baptist minister and missionary that established churches and associations in NC, SC, VA and KY. Became General George Washington’s Chaplain and the first Chaplain of the Continental Congress.

General Jesse A. Pearson – Served alongside of General Andrew Jackson during the Creek Indian War.

Judge Peter Hairston – Built the famed Hairston Plantation during the Ante-bellum Period. Its unique Greek Cross design a marvel to this day.

Hinton Rowan Helper – His book “The Impending Crisis” which outsold Uncle Tom’s Cabin was crucial to the election of Abraham Lincoln into Congress.

Doctor (Colonel) James McGuire – Served as a Chief Surgeon for the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E Lee.

Colonel Thomas Ferebee – The bombardier aboard the Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic bomb that led to the surrender of Japan during World War II.

Dwight L Myers – Farmer, Stunt Pilot, Coast Guard Radar Operator and inventor of the water slide created the first water park in the United States.

- These are just a glimpse into the future exhibitions to be displayed in the Forks of the Yadkin and Davie County History Museum.